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About Us

Schoolwear with a difference

We make schoolwear. Really good schoolwear.

But the best thing about it is how it’s made and the difference that can make. Like the kids who wear it, we look at the world differently. And we see opportunities to do good for everyone.

At every step of our products’ journeys, we aim to do the right thing - for our team, our partners, the planet, and of course, for our customers.

We’re proud to be 100% employee owned and a Certified B Corp.

Being a B Corp means we aim to balance our business priorities with our responsibility to people and the planet. We publicly share details about our social and environmental impact in our annual Impact Report.

Because we believe we can help change the world with schoolwear.

In 2021, we brought the best brands in schoolwear together under one meaningful name to become One+All Performa, One+All Woodbank and One+All Courtelle. And we introduced our sister brand The Making Of, for the supply of high quality adult workwear.

But some things haven’t changed and never will. Like our commitment to our customers and our Customer Charter. We believe it's right to support the official stockists of One+All garments, so we don't supply schoolwear directly to parents or schools. And our commitment to our colleagues, the people who make our garments and protecting the planet remains unwavering.

So hands up, who wants schoolwear with a difference?