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T-shirts for kids and adults

We offer t-shirts that are great for schoolkids and just as perfect for adults too!

Available under our sister brand The Making Of, we offer The Classic Tee, a 100% cotton t-shirt in 13 plain colours and sizes 2/3 up to 3XL.

They can be embroidered and printed by us with your school badges, club, team, trip and business logos, and initials.

TMO_CLASSIC_TSHIRT_HEX_500x702-1712579470.jpg The Classic Tee The Making Of T-Shirts

Value and Comfort

The Making Of The Classic Tee

The Making Of Classic Tees are made at RM Fashions, Bangladesh.

These products are Quality Assured to ensure safety, Checked For Child Labour and Modern Slavery. The Supply Chain is Mapped and we've signed The Cotton Pledge. Workers get Clean Water At Home and help to overcome Period Poverty. We directly employ One+All Colleagues On-Site to ensure ethical standards.

The cotton we use to make these products is sourced from Better Cotton.