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Employee Owned

We are proud to be 100% employee owned.

We believe we can help change the world with schoolwear. Every colleague is directly responsible for giving you the best service. And everyone at One+All gets full support to do their best work and be themselves.

As employee owners, we have a responsibility to act in the best interests of our company, which helps us to improve everything we do. As a colleague community, we're united in our efforts to achieve our purpose. Being employee owners gives all colleagues a say in the decisions we make, a responsibility to drive positive change, and a fair share of the rewards we achieve together.

Employee owners:

  • Think for the good of all, not just the good of the individual

  • Act fairly towards everyone

  • Think about what is right for the business and stay focused on our goals

  • Embrace new ways of working

  • Listen and communicate clearly

  • Make good judgements for colleagues and for the business

  • Take responsibility to resolve issues independently

We strive to be an exceptional employer and offer:

  • A great place to work 

  • A supportive culture with trust at its heart

  • A competitive benefits package

  • A commitment to be better

In return, colleagues are expected to demonstrate a commitment to our way of working, and work together to achieve our goals.