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A future worth growing into

Our goal is to continue making great garments, but make them even better.

From the fabrics we use, the people who harvest the raw materials and make them, to how they’re transported, packaged and delivered, we’re aiming to be more sustainable at every step along the way.

Sustainability means making ethical and responsible choices that balance the needs of people we work with, the planet and our business.

We're committed to respecting the human rights of everyone involved in making our garments. And we recognise the importance of going beyond social audits to highlight potential human rights risks in all areas of our operations.

Human Rights policy (PDF)

Salient Human Rights Issues report (PDF)

Freedom of Association statement (PDF)

As a B Corp, we publish a summary of our sustainability actions every year, in the form of an Impact Report. You can find out about our sustainability actions in our 2022 Impact Report (PDF). This is the first Impact Report we’ve published since becoming a B Corp in August 2020 up to August 2022. We'll share more details about our impact every year, as we continue doing things that help us improve sustainability at One+All.

And we want to help others to be more sustainable, too.

Did you know that 1.4 million wearable school uniform garments* are thrown away every year?

We want to change this.

One+All recycling units are perfect for collecting preloved schoolwear. Our customers can request 5 free-of-charge recycling units to help them and their schools get started with recycling. And we've also teamed up with Barnardo's, Cancer Research UK, Sue Ryder and The Salvation Army, so the schoolwear garments collected can be passed on to those in need or recycled.

One+All customers can contact our Customer Care team on 0161 477 7791 to request their 5 free-of-charge recycling units.

* According to independent research conducted by