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One+All Performa Eco Jackets

Our tailored jackets are a smart choice for pupils

One+All Performa Eco Jackets have a fitted body style with front darts, three inside pockets, a plain lining and come with a spare button. There's a concealed zip for embroidery access and the outer is made from 100% recycled polyester.

About the range
O-A_Eco_Jacket_Girls_Classic_on_model.jpg Girls Classic Jacket One+All Performa Eco Jackets
Eco-Jackets.jpg Girls Jacket One+All Performa Eco Jackets
Eco-Jackets.jpg Unisex Jacket One+All Performa Eco Jackets

About One+All Performa Eco Jackets

One+All Performa Eco Jackets are made at Newage, Bangladesh.

These products contain Recycled Fabric and are Quality Assured to ensure safety. They're also Checked For Child Labour and Modern Day Slavery. The Supply Chain is Mapped and One+All has Colleagues On-Site to ensure ethical standards.


Outer: 100% recycled polyester. Certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.


Sizes from 28” - 46”. Check out our individual product pages for specific sizes by colour and style.


We offer four trim options; collar only, collar and lapel without the V, collar and lapel with the V, and the circumference, both in flat-laid and bound trims.


We offer a 3-day embroidery service for plain garments from stock, subject to us holding an approved badge design.