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Our Story

Our business was started by the Rowlinson family in 1935. Since then, we’ve seen many changes to become who we are today.

We began our employee ownership journey in 2015, becoming 100% employee owned in 2020. Every colleague wants us to improve and we’re working together to be the best business we can be. 

We became a Certified B Corporation in 2020. At every step of our products’ journeys, we aim to do the right thing - for our team, our partners, the planet, and for our customers.  Because we believe we can help change the world with schoolwear and workwear. 

In 2021, we became One+All. We brought together the best brands in schoolwear together under one meaningful name to become One+All Performa, One+All Woodbank and One+All Courtelle. 

We've introduced adult workwear products that complement our One+All schoolwear range under our new brand, The Making Of. All the most important things about One+All are right behind each and every The Making Of products.

Made by the same people.
Made with the same ethics.
Made with the same commitment to high quality and service.
And with the same B Corp accreditation too.

And the future? We have big plans.  

We’re committed to keep improving for our customers and everyone we work with. And playing our part in shaping a kinder and more sustainable economy, too.

Watch this space!