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Better Cotton

One+All partners with Better Cotton to improve cotton farming globally. Better Cotton is sourced via a chain of custody model called mass balance, which means that Better Cotton is not physically traceable to end products.

Our Target
When we partnered with Better Cotton, we committed to source 50% of our cotton as Better Cotton by 2025.

By December 2023, we'd sourced 68% of our cotton as Better Cotton.

We're really pleased with this but we're continuing to focus on using the most sustainable raw materials, including cotton, in all our products.

Find out more about our approach to sustainability in our Impact Report.

We use cotton in the following One+All schoolwear:
One+All Performa 25
One+All Performa 50
One+All Performa Cotton
One+All Woodbank Sweats
One+All Woodbank Hoodies

We use cotton in the following The Making Of workwear:
The Classic Tee
The Classic Sweatshirt
The Classic Hoodie
The Classic Polo