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Overseas Partners

The Company We Keep.

It’s our job to help you provide a great uniform to your schools. Making this happen depends on our overseas manufacturers.

We look for much more than a supplier who can produce garments at the right price. We seek out partners who care about their workers and want to keep improving. We’ve worked closely with a small number of responsible manufacturing partners for many years because they share our outlook and values. Which makes them our partners in the truest sense.

Supplier Partner Agreement (PDF)

Thanks to these important ties, we know everything about how our uniform is made. The quality of our products is very important to us, but our expectations go way beyond this.

We want children to feel good in our clothes, so we make sure they’re safe to wear, ethically made and tough enough to withstand daily school life. Which includes being used as goalposts.

We like to give others a step up. So we help our partners to improve and grow their businesses, too. The sort of things we do include gifting water filters to the people who make our garments in Bangladesh, so they have clean drinking water at home.

We make sure all the factories are safe working environments, and we’ve helped the workers to have more say at work, too. We believe it's really important that workers in our supply chain can raise concerns and complaints. We publish our Operational Grievance Mechanisms (OGM) In The Supply Chain policy, which explains our step-by-step formal complaints process in clear terms.

OGM In The Supply Chain (PDF)

Our ethical approach to human rights in our supply chain includes publishing our governance mechanisms, structure and accountabilities.

Governance & Accountability for Human Rights in the Supply Chain (PDF)

We’re helping our partners do more for the planet, which includes supporting them to become Planet Mark certified and do more to reduce their carbon footprints.

Better business for them.
Better working environments for their workers.
Better schoolwear for our customers and the children who wear it.

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