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Supply Chain

We expect you, your customers and the kids who wear One+All schoolwear to be curious about who made our garments, where and how. So we’ve fully mapped our overseas suppliers, those who supply them and beyond. We’ve got nothing to hide. 

Tier 1 supply chain




Audits: Tier 2

Totex, Egypt

One+All Courtelle

Social audit pending

New Horizon, Bangladesh

One+All Performa Cotton
One+All Performa 25
One+All Performa 50
One+All Woodbank Sweats
The Making Of Fleece Coat
The Making Of Classic Sweatshirt
The Making Of Classic Hoodie
The Classic Tee

NHBD Social Audit

Fabric and yarn suppliers completed: Available on request

Newage, Bangladesh

One+All Performa Eco Blazers
One+All Performa Eco Jackets
One+All Woodbank Sweats

Newage Social Audit

Fabric and yarn suppliers completed: Available on request

Fairland, Philippines

One+All Woodbank Polos
The Making Of Classic Polo

Social audit pending

Fabric and yarn suppliers completed: Available on request

Zhonghe, China

One+All Eco Ties

Social audit pending

RM Fashions, Bangladesh

The Making Of Classic Tee

RM Fashions Social Audit

Our full supply chain

All of our products are designed in-house. Our product range is focused to maximise on service and quality. We source directly from our Tier 1 suppliers and from one Tier 2 supplier, our knitwear yarn. Embroidery embellishments are manufactured by our overseas garment suppliers in their factory, as well as from third-party suppliers in the UK. We nurture strong, long-term relationships with all our suppliers so that we can manage the supply chain efficiently, and to be effective in our awareness and required actions.




Tier 1

Main production sites that we source directly from.

Garment manufacturer and direct embellishments, e.g. embroidery.

Fully mapped and published to our website since June 2019.

Tier 2

Provider of one or more components to Tier 1 supplier that are crucial to the completion of final product.

Yarn, dyehouses and accessory manufacturers.

Fully mapped.

Tier 3

Raw materials.

Man-made and natural textile fibres.

All raw materials recognised and our supply chain is partially mapped.

Tier 4

Indirect service providers.

Delivery systems, including sea/air freight and couriers.

Fully mapped.

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