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Forward Orders

Schoolwear is a seasonal business with children going through the annual ritual of being kitted out for the new school term as September approaches. Many of our customers choose to place forward orders to make sure they get the best price and the peace of mind from knowing they'll be properly stocked for Back To School well in advance.

2023/24 Pre-Book Deals

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Option 1

13 Oct 2023

10 Apr 2024

Plain: 29 Mar 2024
Embroidered/Specials: 30 Apr 2024


Option 2

8 Dec 2023

10 Jun 2024

31 May 2024


Option 3

8 Dec 2023

10 Sept 2024

19 Jul 2024


Option 4

From Jan 2024

10 Sept 2024

7 Aug 2024


Want to forward order but short of space?

We can store your forward orders in our warehouse free of charge. Choosing Stored Orders with One+All means you can order more earlier in the year, securing you the best price possible - and you won't need a new warehouse of your own to handle it!

New design approvals

To make sure everything goes to plan, you need to approve any new design work before you place your forward orders for special knitwear, trimmed blazers or embroidered items.

We'll send you a design approval which you must complete and confirm with us.

If you place a forward order without all the design work being approved, we may move your order into the next Option category for delivery. So if it was an Option 1 forward order, it would use the Option 2 delivery date instead.

Can I cancel a forward order?

To make sure everything is produced on time, we often instruct factories to start production within minutes of your order being placed. For this reason we are usually not able cancel your forward order.

We can't accept an email as your instruction to cancel a forward order.

If there is a problem with your order, please call us as soon as possible and we will do as much as we can to help.