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Always get a Returns Number before sending items

You can get your Returns Number either by calling us or sending an email to

Suspect faults or defects

Our UK Quality Team are eager to learn from your feedback and put right anything that's amiss. If you return items because you suspect manufacturing faults or other quality issues then we will conduct a very thorough inspection to find out the cause. We're always happy to share our quality inspection findings if you would like to see them.

Unwanted stock

If you want to return stock to us because you no longer need it then you need to get approval from a member of our Customer Care team before sending it.

You'll need to send it to us in excellent condition so that we can sell it again. Restocking it properly takes a bit of effort, so we'll charge you a 20% fee before giving you a credit for the stock.

We know you'll understand that we can't credit you for returns of very old stock or any product variants we no longer sell. Nor can we credit you for returning anything which has been specially made to order, including embroidered items.