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Investing in solar energy for our overseas supplier

Caroline Hopley

One+All has invested in a solar photovoltaic system installation at one of our Tier 1 overseas suppliers. This builds on our existing UK and overseas initiatives, as we strive to become the most sustainable schoolwear supplier in the market. 

As a result of the investment, One+All will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions at New Horizon Bangladesh, our largest Tier 1 overseas supplier. The initiative will also help lower our overall carbon footprint, leading the way in the schoolwear industry. 

New Horizon Bangladesh has received our financial support for the installation of a 100 kWp grid-tied rooftop solar photovoltaic power plant, eliminating the need for sole reliance on local electricity. The investment exceeds US$50,000 and is expected to deliver payback within four years, with construction due for completion by May 2024.

“We’re very aware that the majority of our total climate footprint is from our supply chain. It’s crucial that the factories we work with also have better opportunities to use renewable energy. With our investment, we’re strengthening our suppliers' opportunity to invest in more sustainable solutions for the benefit of their own companies, their local communities, our business, and the entire green transition. This is one of many steps we’ve taken on our B Corp journey to become the most sustainable schoolwear supplier in the market,” says Neil Ward, Managing Director of One+All.

Since 2018, One+All has been certified by Planet Mark, measuring its carbon emissions and taking steps to reduce them by 5% annually and offsetting those it can’t reduce, to become a Certified CarbonNeutral® business. 

One such step taken is at its UK headquarters, where the installation of a photovoltaic solar panel system in August 2020 has significantly reduced reliance on power from the grid. To help offset employees’ carbon footprints, the business subscribes to Play It Green. In the 11 months since joining the scheme, 9477 trees have been planted, 732.2 tonnes of CO2 offset and £403.50 donated to good causes.

Beyond the UK operations, they place equal importance on improving social impact within their supply chain. Over 70% of One+All's production comes from Bangladesh, and the business has built close working relationships with all of its Tier 1 suppliers.

Building on its initial social impact work, which includes gifting of water filter systems, an anonymous workers helpline and the establishment of Worker Participation Committees, One+All has supported the introduction of the new Green Social Dialogue Programme, raising climate awareness among colleagues in its supply chain, as one of a handful of businesses to be selected to run the pilot programme by Ethical Trading Initiative, Bangladesh.

As a B Corp business, One+All publishes an annual social impact report which details all its sustainability actions.