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Made To Order Specials

Uniform for the Non-Uniform

We’re here to help every child have the chance to feel good as they fulfil their potential. A great uniform is a good place to start. 

If your school needs something more personalised, we can help. We can produce all our knitwear ranges - One+All Courtelle, One+All Performa Cotton and One+All Performa 50 - in made-to-order colours. 

We can add bespoke striping to the v-neck, cuffs and welts, so you can offer schoolwear that’s unique for your customers and which kids feel proud to wear.

We’ve got a few extra tricks up our sleeves too. 

We can also add trims to all styles of our eco blazers and jackets and offer four trim options - the collar only, on the collar and lapel without the V, on the collar and lapel with the V, and the circumference, in flat-laid and bound trims. 

With a wide range of trim widths and colours available, we’ve got lots of options to help make your schools stand out for all the right reasons.

Because we’re all about uniform for the non-uniform.